Defining sustainability


Ensuring a certain quality of life for all members of current and future generations


World Commission on Environment and Development (1987) 

  Nature Serves Man

  “development that meets the needs of the present   without compromising the ability of future   generations to meet their own needs.”


International Union for Conservation of Nature (1980)

  Man Serves Nature

  “to conserve the integrity and diversity   of nature and to ensure that any use of natural   resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable.”


Definitions such as these that insinuate servitude or dominance in one way or the other misrepresent the ideal character of the relationship between humans and nature


Ask specific questions! Analyze the ambiguity.

   WCED definition: “…to meet their own needs”

                                       -What are the needs of future generations?

   IUCN definition “…equitable and ecologically sustainable.”

                             -What are the resource use limits that keep society within the   realm of “ecologically sustainable”


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