Sustainability Metrics

Sustainability is a Measure of Societal Success:

the scale of measurement is quality of life

If the economy prospers at the expense of environmental quality,

then it is inaccurate to measure the success of the country solely by its economic growth.

If it were only so simple that assigning monetary value to externalities solved the conundrum…


Ecological Lesson:      *Link to habitat sepecialist v. generalist

  In nature, growth limiters are the insurance policy

      against reduction in quality of life for the whole of the population


Economic Lesson:page 5 pic1

Human technology has moved the species beyond carrying capacity and defy natural limiting factors

  – Humans must rely on their technologies to ensure quality of 

     life is sustained for all people of current and future generations.

of Life:

the specifics and importance
of measurement

-Specific measurements can provide clues as to
– how resource use is changing
– prioritize needs for societal health and success


-Quality of life studies can be either
-objective or

in their assessment, and the congruence between the

two analyses may not always be identical.


“We must

consider both the city on the ground and the city in the mind,” (Pacione, 2003).












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