Friedman on sustainable globalization, “…without environment there is no sustainable culture and without a sustainable culture there is no sustainable community and without a sustainable community there is no sustainable globalization.”

Large populations are required to ensure genetic diversity, but there is a point at which the environment cannot support a population of a certain size without reducing QUALITY OF LIFE – CARRYING CAPACITY

Carrying capacity: the maximum population size of a species that its environment can sustain

An S-shaped logistic growth curve – Exponential growth rarely lasts for long.

Limiting factors slow and stop exponential growth;

Limiting factors: physical, chemical, and biological characteristics – restrain population growth

Water, space, food, predators, and disease

Environmentalresistance: all limiting factors taken together that stop exponential growth

Stabilizes the population size

Carrying capacities change! BUT when one community/species gains resources another loses


Community: an assemblage of species living in the same place/same time: composition, structure, and function

Communities experience many types of disturbance.



Resistance: community that resists change and remains stable despite the disturbance

Resilience: a community changes in response to a disturbance, but later returns to its original state

We talked about this yesterday in ecological terms for other species, but this can also be applied to human pop