Growth vs Continuation

Paradigm Shift Needed!

…before growth crumbles foundations required for sustaining *link to infrastructure paper


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“We must lift the laboring masses up from their subsistence wages. This can only be done by massive growth, we are told. But can the environment sustain so much growth? It cannot.”

              -Environmental Economist, Herman Daly, 2006   *link to article

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The Paradigm Shift in question is… link to pdf

Ecological Lesson:

  -Growth of a society has conventionally been seen as the common indicator of success of a society

  -Until the population’s growth depreciates the carrying capacity of the supporting environment


Economic Lesson:

  – Unlimited societal growth and consumption will carry the people through the industrial era into the technological era.

  – What happens if there is a halt to the system inputs (resources)? or a backup in system outputs (waste and hazardous materials)?


Continuation insinuates that, as in nature, there is a

homeostasis that societies and economies can attain.

[[Through esxaminng the specifics of societal needs and wants, the recipe for

         Economic Homeostasis

can arise from provision of all citizens’]] *fix

               Quality of Life

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